Groups Camiño dos Faros 4 last Stages at Hotel VIDA Finisterre Centro

To facilitate the organization of your hiking groups, we provide you with a complete program to carry out the last 4 stages of this wonderful route, having Fisterra as a base of operations. The program is always in Half Board (breakfast and dinner with drinks included).

If you need groups of more or less nights, you just have to contact us and we will prepare a program according to the length of your stay and the group’s profile.

Day 1: Arrival in Fisterra. Check-in at the Hotel VIDA Finisterre Centro

  • Taking advantage of the fact that we are just 100 meters from the small port, free time for people to stretch their legs around the town of Fisterra and have a drink on one of the terraces looking at the sea.
  • Dinner and accommodation.

Day 2: Stage 5: Arou – Camariñas (23.8 Km)

  • After breakfast we go to Arou (44 km) to carry out the fifth stage of this adventure and the first of our program.
  • In this stage we will pass through the heart of O Camiño dos Faros and A Costa da Morte. A steep coast that we will cover all over, stopping at each point and contemplating the virginity of its landscapes. The small Porto de Santa Mariña gives us access to Praia de Trece and the Cemetery of the English. From there, through a very comfortable section, we reach the Vilán Lighthouse, a key point on this road. The end of the stage runs through the entire Arco do Vilán to Camariñas.
  • Return from Camariñas to the Hotel VIDA Finisterre Centro (46 km) and a little rest.
  • Dinner and accommodation.

Day 3: Stage 6: Camariñas – Muxía (32.6 Km)

  • After breakfast we head to Camariñas (46 km) to complete the sixth stage of the Camiño dos Faros.
  • The sixth section is the longest of this trail but it is also totally flat. We will cross the entire Ría de Camariñas, with softer landscapes and beautiful villages that will give us another point of view on the route. In the second part, quiet sandy areas of the mouth of the Rio Grande and the wonderful Praia do Lago bring us closer to Muxía, where we will arrive at the Barca Sanctuary after the ascent to Corpiño Mount. About ten hours of section before ending at Praia do Coido.
  • Return from Muxía to the Hotel VIDA Finisterre Centro (29 km) and a little rest.
  • Dinner and accommodation.

Day 4: Stage 7: Muxía – Nemiña (25.3 Km)

  • After breakfast we go to Muxía (29 km) to complete the seventh stage of the Camiño dos Faros.
  • The coast from Muxía to the Touriñán Lighthouse is a rugged and almost inaccessible coast that the trasnos managed to join creating a spectacular route. We are in the hardest part of the trail and we must take it calmly until we reach Praia de Moreira. From there, the section softens to the Touriñán Lighthouse, the westernmost point of peninsular Spain, and the Nemiña Beach, the end of this section that leaves no one indifferent.
  • Return from Nemiña to the Hotel VIDA Finisterre Centro (25 km) and a little rest.
  • Dinner and accommodation.

Day 5: Stage 8: Nemiña – Faro Fisterra (26.9 Km)

  • After breakfast we go to Nemiña (25 km) to complete the last stage of this Camiño dos Faros.
  • In this trail of unique natural diversity, this last section could not be missed. From Nemiña to Fisterra a succession of cliffs and beaches seem to be emerging with no way to stop them, one after another. In between, stories like the Cason or the visit to the unexcavated maritime fortress of Castromiñán. Hard stage but if you have arrived from Malpica, nothing will stop you before reaching the Fisterra lighthouse, the perfect culmination of this incredible adventure.
  • Return from the Faro de Fisterra to the Hotel VIDA Finisterre Centro (3 km) and a little rest.
  • Dinner and accommodation.

Day 6: Breakfast and departure to the point of origin

NOTE: This is our 5-night Standard Program for the second half of O Camiño dos Faros (Stages 5-8).
If you do not need accommodation on the first or last day (or both), it is possible to adapt it to your needs.
This program is complemented by the Camiño dos Faros 4 first stages program that you can do at the Hotel VIDA Finisterre Centro.


    PROGRAM CAMIÑO DOS FAROS (stages 5 to 8) in Hotel VIDA Finisterre Half Board

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